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I just tried the "request quote" button for several venues and found a bug.

The prepopulated value in the datepicker is not valid.

Steps to reproduce:

Open TheKnot while signed into account.
Go To Venues + Receptions -> Wedding Reception Venues.
Open a venue.
Click request quote.
Click in the "Wedding Date" box
Click outside the wedding date box (but still in the popup so that the Send Message popup does not go away).

Expected results: Date is confirmed, everything works, and messages can be sent.

Actual Results: Red error saying "Wedding Date is required" and an inability to Send Message

Click "My Knot"
Click Edit Date
Select date
Copy Date to clip board
Paste Date into "Send Message" wedding date box.
Send Message will now work as expected.

Windows 9 / Chrome

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planned  ·  Krista P. responded  · 

Thank you for the step-by-step explanation! It helps us us replicate and fix the issue. This is one we are working on and will have an update soon.

Hope you had a great weekend!



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