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More access to view completed address forms.

I have around 250 guests on my list (many of them children) and I have already found the address forms very useful. However, when people fill out the form, I only have that brief moment before accepting that information to see it. I didn't think about that and accepted some replies on my phone while out, hoping to come back home and review them. it took me over an hour to find the 2 replies because I had to search through every guest to remember who sent the information back in case I need to pass it on. When the time comes to access this for invitations, I feel it may be more complicated than just sending out my own excel spreadsheets to different people now and asking them to help me on a contact quest. For many guests on my list, I need actual addresses for physical invitations as they do not access social media or hand out their emails. They won't know about the website until I physically mail them something which makes this address book somewhat useless (not totally because those on social media have responded well). I just don't see it being as useful as it could be until very near or after the wedding.

it would be very useful to have a sort option to 'Show guests who have completed address form' just as they already exist for RSVP status. It would be very helpful in the planning process and reduce the stress of collecting information.

A cherry on top would be a pre-programmed message sent to the guests provided email, confirming that their information was sent and received. Something small and generic like, "Thank you for your RSVP and contact information! We are so happy you are planning to join us and we are so excited to see everyone! Please check back with the website every now and then. Expect a little something in your mailbox from us in a few weeks!" etc.

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under review  ·  AdminMeuy (Business Analyst, The Knot) responded  · 

Hi and thank you so much for your idea!

We will definitely take this into consideration. We’re always trying to improve the Wedding Website experience for couples so we welcome all of your great ideas.

We will keep this forum updated as we make improvements!

Enjoy your planning!


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