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    Once you add a subsection to your "Travel" page, you can't change its order relative to sections you add later. This is incredibly frustrating because I've had so many issues editing the sections once I create them that sometimes the only way to fix things is to delete the whole section and start over.

    Since you can't re-order a section (i.e. add it at the end and then move it back to the top of the page), this means I have had to re-do my whole travel page multiple times.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    I added a link within a section on my "Travel" page. Then I decided I wanted to delete it, but I can't. I go to edit the travel idea, delete the link and hit save. The changes don't save. The link is still there.

    I try deleting the link and adding two spaces to the "insert link here" field. The link to an actual website disappears but the link button stays around and takes guests to an error page.

    Just let me get rid of this link button!

    I would delete the whole section, but its impossible to re-order sections once they exist, so deleting the first section of my Travel page would mean I would have to re-do the entire page from the ground up.

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