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  1. Why does the checklist include "change your name"?

    While the checklist is helpful, I found it frustrating (and a bit presumptuous) that you would include "change your name" as a checklist item. I'm not passing judgment either way but there are plenty of couples that don't follow this practice. By including it, the website looks like it's taking a stance on this topic.

    Alternatively, you could have a questionnaire that a couple fills out upon signing up where you flat-out ask about name changes. Then you could include this item in the checklist for those couples that plan to change names.

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    We really appreciate you taking time to send in this suggestion. The checklist is intended, as you likely see, to be a list that will encompass more tasks than one couple is ever going to truly need. We definitely know that the differences between each couple will create a need for different items and priorities.

    That being said, the suggestion to have the name change as part of our onboarding questions is a great one. I have passed this along to our Checklist team and we will definitely look at this. Until then, we hope that couples will continue to move items they don’t need off their lists, and add other items to their list from our full list when they do choose.


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