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  1. Be more supportive of "legal paperwork now, ceremony forthcoming" Brides.

    I've never seen more vitriolic, self-important Brides anywhere else on the web than here on the Knot, spitting "expertise" at BRIDES who are in fact (for a number of reasons-- military, immigration, health, etc) finishing paperwork prior to the official ceremony. I find it disgusting and shocking that the Knot supports such exclusive, "mean girl attitudes" in a billion dollar industry where MANY brides are now having to do just that-- get the legality squared away before the sentimentality can occur. One such post was pinned at the top of the forum, belittling such necessities as "pretty princess days" as…

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      1 comment  ·  General  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

      I really appreciate you taking time to send over your thoughts and frustrations. While I am not familiar with the exact forum board you are referring to, I do understand that some of our boards are still a work in progress. We have made great strides this year to make sure our members are using the report button when they see things that are inappropriate or something that might violate our terms of service. It sounds like you are describing situations and user replies that might fall into that category.

      We are trying to make sure the forum boards are open to all viewpoints, but if it has been pushed too far, please do report the action and we can at least investigate to make sure there are no violations in play.

      I do hope you realize that while these are posted on our site through the Community page, The…

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