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[Favorites] My favorites did not transfer like I would expect them to.

I checked your FAQs about favorites. I want to clean out the clutter, but any of the old favorites that I click on only says:

" Sorry, it looks like that page has gone missing.

Please use the navigation above to browse wedding topics, or go back to The Knot homepage.

Need help? Please check out our frequently asked questions, or send us your feedback."

Can we please get some tools to delete favorites? (Or boards, for that matter--looks like the "Things I Love" board and the board I made on the previous site is overlapping.)


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JapaneseAtHeart shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Hi and thank you so much for your feedback on Favorites!

The issue with the favorites opening a broken link is known and we are working on a fix

We are also planning on feature updates which include being about to batch edit your favorites. Currently, if you are able to access a favorite, you should be able to un-click the heart.

We will also support board creation soon to help you get organized.

Stay tuned for updates and thanks again for your feedback!



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