Favorites/Boards: 2017 update on known issues-bugs

Thank you for your patience and waiting for us to get back to you about the issues in our Favorites/Boards on the site.  We do know there are a few technical issues outstanding and our team is working on finding solutions for these over the next couple of months.  While we would hope we could provide a quick fix, we are in the middle of transitioning our platform that hosts this part of the site so that we have more stability for you, the member, in the future.  This means that we will continue to have some of these Tech bugs for a bit.

Here are a few of the items are working on:
*not able to delete favorites
*not able to create a new board/move items within my board
*favorites are not showing even after I selected them in vendors or photos
*favorites on my app have disappeared and they don't always show up on desktop
*would like to reset my entire favorites and start fresh

Again, we really appreciate your patience - and your understanding. We are working on these items and hope that in the next couple of months you will see they are working much more smoothly and not causing issues in your planning.

We wish you all the best!

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