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    Hi -

    You’ve shared your feedback and we hear you – truly. After conversations with the Product Lead over our wedding website development, we have been assured that this team is working through the possible solutions to adjust and improve the appearance and function of the accommodations/ details tabs on your wedding websites.

    The goal is still to create one specific area to manage your guest accommodations while still having some ability to personalize this feature. With this in mind, the Tech team knows that the biggest ask coming from our Couples is that there should not be any duplicate information appearing on the website under multiple tabs.

    While we will not be rolling this back to how it was before and we know that many of you still frustrated that your site is going to appear a bit different than when you originally published the site, we do want…

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    All that's left to do is warn other couples, leave bad reviews, and change websites if you haven't already. It doesn't appear they are ever going to address this and I certainly don't have any more time to waste on them. Absolutely awful.

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    So disappointed

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    Mine is still duplicated (hotels show up under both "accommodations" and "details" tabs) and I am not able to find a way around it. It looks like people are now having a variety of issues (as opposed to the one original problem we all noted), so this second attempt at a solution appears to have messed up people's websites in multiple different ways. That is infuriating and creates multiple glitches The Knot now has to fix, rather than one. Are you going to actually fix all of this?

    Your attempts to make the site easier to use have NOT worked and I am starting to regret using this platform. I still do not understand why those who had an issue finding the accommodations couldn't have created their own tab. The changes you implemented to accommodate those people have caused hours of headache for me and many others. This whole experience has been very disappointing. I am grateful that I have not yet sent out my save-the-dates and I am so sorry for the people who have spent even more time and money than myself who now have faulty and inaccurate websites. I cannot fathom why this company would force changes to sites that have already gone live. I will be warning my engaged friends not to use The Knot.

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    I do not understand why people could not simply create a major tab for accommodations on their own. The current "solution" is not acceptable. Will The Knot continue to make unannounced design changes to websites that have already been posted? If so, I'll be changing platforms, because I cannot watch the website every day making sure that the website I designed is still as I left it. I've put hours of work in to my wedding website and, while it will be difficult to switch platforms, at least I can be assured that a different company will not make sudden, irreversible changes that ruin the look of the website and clutter my design.

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