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    Hi -

    You’ve shared your feedback and we hear you – truly. After conversations with the Product Lead over our wedding website development, we have been assured that this team is working through the possible solutions to adjust and improve the appearance and function of the accommodations/ details tabs on your wedding websites.

    The goal is still to create one specific area to manage your guest accommodations while still having some ability to personalize this feature. With this in mind, the Tech team knows that the biggest ask coming from our Couples is that there should not be any duplicate information appearing on the website under multiple tabs.

    While we will not be rolling this back to how it was before and we know that many of you still frustrated that your site is going to appear a bit different than when you originally published the site, we do want…

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    This was mentioned in another thread months ago, but it is still not addressed!

    Even if Guest Accommodation is not listed in the Details the drop-down, it is still showing on the actual page. Removing it from the Details drop-down will remove the Guest Accommodation page as well. The Manage Pages does not show Guest Accommodation as a page even if it is showing, so there is no option to remove it there either.

    Hundreds of people are still complaining about this on the other thread:{toggle_previous_statuses}

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    This is still not fixed, contrary to the update of 2/21. The site is still duplicating the accommodation / details. Either that, or Details tab needs to be removed completely

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